Tips For Finding the Cheapest Pallet Delivery

You are likely to come across three different types of business when sourcing a company to transport you pallet(s) and it is worth knowing the distinction and strengths of each as it will help you to determine which is right for you.

Pallet Broker

A Pallet Broker typically acts as a middle man and may be able to negotiate discounted rates with Hauliers. A Pallet Broker website will usually be able to give you a price online as well as letting you book collection and delivery online.

Pallet Network

A Pallet Network typically own and operate a variety of vans, lorry’s and HGV’s as well as have use of warehouse ‘hubs’ where pallets are sorted for onward delivery.

Haulier / Carrier

A Haulier (often called Carrier) will typically own and operate a variety of vehicles and will undertake a range of haulage work, not solely dedicated to pallet delivery.

All of the above business types will be able to arrange your transport but it is worth knowing the various strengths of each to help you assess which is best for you which should in turn help you to find the best price.

Cheapest Pallet Delivery Checker

Find A Pallet Broker

Finding a Pallet Broker isn’t tricky. Results for a google search term like ‘Pallet Delivery’ will typically all be from Brokers who will often give you a price there and then.

Find A Pallet Network

To find your local Pallet Network may require a little more investigation. There are a few major networks that comprise of multiple hauliers so it can feel like chasing shadows but the best place to start is The Association of Pallet Networks.

Find A Haulier

To find a Haulier it is worth starting your search on Yell and searching under their Road Haulage Services category for your required locations. The results are most likely for knowledgeable local hauliers who will be happy to help you.

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Road Haulage Services Ltd are not a comparison site, you and your pallet will be dealt with by a human being by phone or email, whichever suits you best. We often find that people need assistance if they are unfamiliar with arranging pallet delivery so we make sure our advisers are always on hand to give guidance and assurance.
You will be able to track your pallet throughout its journey and can opt to receive a POD (proof of delivery) upon delivery. Our wealth of experience hauling commercial and consumer freight throughout the UK and Europe combined with our successful formula means we satisfy new and existing customers each and every day.
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