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There is no absolute rule when it comes to haulage rates per mile as there are usually four or five factors that will impact price. That said however this guide will give you a good idea and you can always contact us to request a quote if required.

Factors that affect Haulage rates

The biggest consideration is usually speed of delivery. If you require goods transported same-day or overnight for longer journeys you can expect to pay a premium.

Interestingly you may have thought that requiring a larger vehicle would bump up the cost however this is not usually the case and the haulage rate per mile is typically similar for an Articulated lorry as it is for a 7.5tn lorry. You may notice a decrease for vehicles smaller than a 7.5tn lorry as these can often be driven by anyone who gained their UK drivers license prior to about 1978.

Size and weight of the load can be a major factor affecting the rates; as mentioned above if a bigger vehicle is required then specially trained drivers must be involved which increases the cost. If you are sending Pallets then again weight is a major factor but for different reasons.

For road haulage in the UK there are many variables however as a rule of thumb you should allow £1.50 per mile. There are variables that can swing this up or down.

Ferry costs, tolls, and urgency are all factors that can increase haulage prices. The primary factor that can bring costs down is flexibility of collection date as your haulier may be able to include your goods on a back load.


The table below gives the haulage rate per mile of some of our recent work

Goods / Vehicle Load Destination Price £ Price Per Mile £ Notes
Articulated Lorry warrington chelmsford 660.00 3.00
700kg Pallet Lisbon (Portugal) London 225.00 0.17 Most of this journey was by Ferry
100kg Pallet Norwich Seville (Spain) 230.00 0.17 Most of this journey was by Ferry
250kg Pallet Valencia (Spain) Brighton 245.00 0.21
50kg Pallet x 2 Malaga (Spain) London 750.00 0.54
Sprinter Van Wales Romania 1650.00 0.98
GOH Trailer CV6 CF24 895.00 7.27 Specialist vehicle used
123 miles 175.00 1.40
GOH 7.5tn Basildon Switzerland St.Louis 1295.00 2.00 Specialist vehicle used
Transit van 250 miles 375.00 1.50
Reading Denmark 1050.00 1.27
Colchester Peterborough 125.00 1.30
Full Load Harlow Italy 1295.00 1.01
Full load Harlow France 695.00 1.30
Pallet 100kg Glasgow area 87130 France 215.00 1.17
2 pallets @ 1,000kg each Norwich area 50850 France 270.00 0.57
2 Direct Pallets London Marseilles France 645.00 0.83
11 pallets Haverhill Hanover - Germany 495.00 0.89
4 Heavy Pallets Clacton Erlangen Germany 570.00 0.87
5 large crates Surrey Eindhoven 450.00 1.49
2 X Pallets @ 650kg each Wrexham Giessen Germany 329.00 0.50
Pallet 130kg York Bretzfeld 115.00 0.16
Full Load Colchester O2 Arena 550.00 8.46
Full Load Wrexham Waldenburg Germany 965.00 1.26
370kg Pallet x 2 Chelmsford Turin (Italy) 295.00 0.38
1000kg pallet x 2 Norwich Ger France 245.00 0.52

For commercial calculations and fleet costing see here.

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